Synseer – where decisions are made.

Synseer brings your business together to make better decisions.

Work faster, stay focused and simplify your day.

“Synseer proved for us that it was possible for a global team across multiple time zones to reach decisions in a third of the time, with a third of the effort, compared to our traditional methods.”

Jaimini Lakhani, OD Director, British Council

Faster | Drive decision-making forward

Faster than a meeting and more focused, use Synseer to tackle any business issue.

Shape ideas, assign tasks and vote on proposals. Get the right input to reach decisions quickly with confidence.

Free up your diary and take control of your agenda.

Simpler | Everything in one place

Each issue is given its own digital room on Synseer – bringing discussions, documents and decisions together in one easy to find place.

Check in for a quick review or contribute at your convenience. Synseer makes it easy to keep track, catch-up and focus.

Better | Work together with purpose

Get the best out of your colleagues, senior leaders and clients. Involve the right people wherever they are, at their convenience.

Synseer’s Virtual FacilitatorTM  turns even complex decisions into a straightforward, engaging process that yields better results every time.

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