Meet less, achieve more

Solve problems, shape decisions and keep everyone in the loop with Synseer.

Intelligent workspaces that focus attention and drive results.

For managers and leaders who spend too much time in meetings.

Stop herding cats work Synseer

Some leaders spend 23 hours per week in meetings. Don’t be one of them.

Free yourself up to lead. Work Synseer.

“Synseer proved for us that it was possible for a global team across multiple time zones to reach decisions in a third of the time, with a third of the effort, compared to our traditional methods.”

Jaimini Lakhani, OD Director, British Council

Shape decisions

Cut through the noise to hear people’s voices better.
Synseer’s multiple workspaces help you switch between subjects so you can stay organised, fix timeframes, focus the debate and shape decisions – getting you to the heart of issues much faster.

Make decisions

Keep everyone on the same page.
Our privilege settings help you assign leadership roles at key stages, so you can kick things off immediately, split workloads and drive faster decision-making – while keeping everyone in the loop.

Save time

Enhance transparency and stay up to date.
Synseer’s Virtual Assistant provides intelligent summaries, activity highlights and audit trails – so you’ll stay permanently briefed and always know how decisions are reached.