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The Conversation

Conversation is the medium by which we create meaning, solve complex problems, bring ideas to life and  make decisions. Such purposeful conversations are at the heart of how we work together to build society and do business.

In 17th century Europe, coffeehouses were the cool places to go for meaningful conversation. For the price of a coffee, locals could meet up to discuss the news of the day, new ideas and other issues of professional or communal concern. The Wikipedia entry on coffeehouses suggests that "the absence of alcohol created an atmosphere in which it was possible to engage in more serious conversation than in an alehouse".

Of course e-mail, social media, on-line chat and microblogging have transformed our ability to talk to each other. Or have they? Does it not sometimes seem we're in an on-line alehouse rather than a coffeehouse? The noise distracts us, everyone wants our attention and just keeping up consumes all our time.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Get rid of the noise and have smart, purposeful conversations with Synseer ®.


Our very talented coding baristas are brewing up a MOCA™ - our smart agent for the next generation of digital conversations.

We can't tell you what it is yet but take a seat and we'll bring it over when it's ready.

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