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About us

Designed for leaders, by leaders

For leaders

Synseer is an intelligent decision-making environment for leaders and managers – where you can work with colleagues or clients on the issues that matter, without always resorting to a meeting. Faster, smarter working for decision-makers.

The inspiration for Synseer came from the frustration of the Founders with the speed of decision-making in business and the sheer effort of bringing multiple stakeholders together in meetings to make those decisions. It seemed wrong that despite the revolution in communication technology over the last 30 years, the number of meetings and teleconferences in our diaries had continued to grow. In fact, we soon discovered that while the amount of time leaders spend collaborating with others has risen by 50% in the last 20 years, decision-making has actually slowed by 20%.

Collaboration is essential to great business decisions but there are only so many hours in the day. We wanted to find a way of sourcing input from multiple stakeholders and shaping effective decisions – without constantly meeting. We wanted to find a way to meet less but achieve more.

By leaders

The Founders are all experienced executives – having worked at Director level in the FTSE100, built high-growth companies and previously founded start-ups. We have worked in financial services, property tech, logistics, FMCG, data tech, consultancy, outsourcing and public sector, both in the UK and with global teams, and with such household names as Deutsche Bank, Mars, findaproperty.com, J&J, RS Components Online and Serco.

The Founders’ empathy for the challenges that leaders face is borne out of direct experience. But we have also brought to the table the expertise needed to develop a product like Synseer: deep knowledge of interpersonal dynamics, leadership development, the facilitation of group processes, product development for mass audiences, machine learning and complex platform development.

The result?

One of our larger customers, the British Council, said, “Synseer proved for us that it was possible for a global team across multiple time zones to reach decisions in a third of the time, with a third of the effort, compared to our traditional methods.” Read the full case study here.