Focus attention

Synseer lets you create multiple digital workspaces, one for each business issue, helping you focus on what needs your attention at any given moment. Your personal dashboard is arranged by activity and importance, so workspaces needing the most attention are moved top left.

Drive results

Create agenda items, set goals and a deadline – just like a meeting.

Invite only the people you need to a workspace – so your colleagues and contacts stay focussed too.

Your participants can join for free – only the workspace host needs a licence. Contact us for more details about pricing.

Create structure

Each agenda item gets its own “side-room” inside the workspace, giving participants the chance to focus on their special interests or expertise.

You can even delegate leadership by assigning decision-making privileges for an agenda item.

Make decisions

Shape the debate with attachments, votes and actions. Make faster decisions. Review the audit trail of how decisions were reached in your absence.

And when you need to, revisit any of your archived workspaces at any time to remind yourself of what was agreed.

Stay briefed

The Synseer Virtual Assistant saves you precious time by keeping you focussed and up to date.

Alerts, intelligent highlights and a daily digest mean you don’t have to read everything to stay briefed.

And the live summary lets you keep an eye on progress and key activites.

Report back

… and when you’re ready to archive a workspace, the Virtual Assistant helps you generate minutes and a PDF report for immediate circulation.

Simple but powerful features to drive faster decision-making